Elon Musk - reveals brain hacking plan | Neuralink computer chips in animals brains

Elon Musk - reveals brain hacking plan | Neuralink computer chips in animals brains

 Elon Musk - reveals brain hacking plan | Neuralink computer chips in animal brains

Elon Musk - reveals brain hacking plan | Neuralink computer chips in animals brains

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's neuroscience startup Neuralink on Friday unveiled a pig named Gertrude that has had a coin-sized computer chip in its brain for two months, showing off an early step toward the goal of curing human disease with the same type of implant.

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Co-founded by Tesla Inc and Spacex CEO musk in 2016, San Francisko Bay Area-baed Neuralink aims to implant wireless brain-computer intrefaces that include thousands of electrodes in the most comlex human organ to help cure neurological condition like Alzheimer's, dementia and spinal cord injuries and ultimately fuse humankind with artificial intelligence.

"An implantable device can actually solve problems,"Mr.Musk said on a webcast on Friday, mentioning ailments such as memory loss, hearing loss, depression and insomnia.

Mr Musk did not provide a timeline for those treatements, apprearing to retreat from earlier statement that trials would begin by the end of this year. Neuralink fist clinical trials with small number of human patients would be aimed at treating paralysis of paraplegia, the company's head surgeon Dr.Matthew MacDougall said.

Neuroscientists unaffiliated with the company said the presentation indicated that Neuralink had made great strides but cautioned that longer studies were needed.

Mr.Musk presented what he described as the "three little pigs demo" gretrude the pig with a Neuralink implant in the part of its brain that contorls the snout, required some coaxing by Musk to appear on camera, but eventually began eating off a stoll and sniffing straw, triggering spikes ona graph tracking the animal's neural activity.

Elon Musk has unvieled a pig called Gretrude with a coin-sized computer chip in her brain to demonstrate his ambitious plans to create a working brain-to-machin interface.

"Its kind of like a fitbit in your skull with tiny wire," the billionaire entrepreneur said on a webcast.

His start up Neuralink applied to launch human trials last year. 

The interface could allow people woth neurological condition to control phone or computers with their mind.

Mr Musk argues such chips could eventually be used to help cure condition such as dementia, Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injuries.

But the lonn-term ambition is to usher in an age of what mr must calls "superhuman cognition", in part to combat artificial intelligence so powerfull he sayd it could destroy the human race.

Elon Musk reveals brain-hacking plans

Gretrude was one of three pigs pens that took part in Fridays's webcast demo. She took a while to get going, but when she ate and sniffed straw, the activity showed up on a graph tracking her nueral activity. She then mostly ignored all the attention around her.

The processor in her brain sends wireless signals, indicating neural activity in her snout when looking for food.

Mr Musk said the original Neuralink device, revealed just over a year ago, had been simplified and made smaller.

"It actually fits quite nicely in your skull. It could be under your hair and you wouldn'd know"

Founded in 2017, Neuralink has worked hard to recruit scientists, something Mr Musk was still advertiseing for on twitter last month and which he said was the purpose of Friday's demo.

The device the company is developing consists of a tiny probe containing more than 3,000 electrodes attached to flexible threads thinner that human hair, which can monitor the activity of 1,000 brain nuerons.

Elon Musk - reveals brain hacking plan | Neuralink computer chips in animals brains

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