7 business: Rich Mindset Vs Poor Mindset

7 business: Rich Mindset Vs Poor Mindset

7 Business : Rich Mindset Vs Poor Mindset

7 business: Rich Mindset Vs Poor Mindset


Rich mindset understand that there is no thing as "done" or "i've made it". They believe that life is defined by constant challenges and learning of new things. Look at people like Warren Buffett the legendary investor and Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon constant challenges and strive to be the best is the mindset of the rich.

Poor mindset believes that one day they will be able to rest lie around and do nothing. They work because they have to and will not challenges themselves to reach for a higher hieghts. Ironically this is the kind of mindset that kills the dream, and by not challenging themselves they will continue as a fresher.

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Rich mindset embrace competition and know that iron sharpens iron. When you see competition in the field you are working on your dreams, it means the path you have chosen is good. Only good stuff invites competition.

Poor mindset is discouraged by competition. People with a poor mindset always find excuses. They love to complains that. "someone already got there first"or" it is too hard, I might as well quit now" These people will act on opportunity and will always tend to stay in their comfort zone.


Rich mind set understand that he/she cannot do everything on their own. A jack of all traits is the master of none. Rich mindset are generalist and employees specialist to do what they wants. Peole with rich mindset know their job is not to everything. But to get the best talent for the role. They are the people who focus on things that matters. They create the best team for the job to be done.

Poor mindset believes that they can do everything by themselves as long as work hard enough. These people not be lazt, but they don't understand the concept of the right team is greater than the sum of its parts. Thus, these are usually people who are reluctant to hire the right person for the job and remains for the job and remains as smalls business.


Rich mindset understand that you can never know everything. There are something to learn from everyone. We all have our strenght  and weaknesses. Only by acknowledging our weaknesses, we can do something about it. This is what people with rich mindset do.

Poor mindset believes that they knows about everything. Opposing perspective are wrong before even hearing them. They close off from ideas and perspective from others. They are the know-it-all and do not seek help from others most impostantly no one love to be with a know-it-all.


Rich mindset celebrates successes reached by others. They are the people that embraces the competition and often welcomes it with open arms. Because it is an opportunity to learn and to improve yourself. In success, You will only be given two simple choices, scorn at others success or be inspired by the example and perform better. Those with rich mindset choose the later.

Poor mindset feels jealousy and bitterness about the success of others. They loot at the other's success as an insult to themselves. They will do things to harm or create fake news to hurt their competitors. They are the people we should stay away from. Because they are the people without ethics and are those that back stab their partners, or friends when required. To them, everything is a zero-sum game.


Rich mindset knows that the world owns you nothing. The world isn't always far and the universe is different to your existence. But people with a rich mindset is able to be prepared for the day of opportunity and deal with reality swiftly, humbly and practically. Opportunity is for those who are prepared and blind to those who are not. All success starts from the ability to appreciate opportunity.

Poor mindset is consumed by the hundred and one unfairness of the world. These loves to complaining about the government, their colleagues, their neibhour their friends. They feels that the world owes something. Instead of doing something to change the situation they are in, they waste their time complaining. they are the whiners of community.


Rich mindset seeks to build relationship with people whom always seek way to improve their love as well as the lives of others around them. They find people whom shared a common values of mutual respect. These people with the rich mindset think about ways to help others and cultivate mutually beneficial relationship with the people around them with no expectations of everthing in return. Just pure true frienship.

Poor mindset are more self-centered and mostly think of a something as took where the relationship is build on getting something is return. These people will not be able to to find people whome they trust and are always suspecious about the people around the. "I scratch you back, you scratch mine."

7 business: Rich Mindset Vs Poor Mindset

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