What After 10th? Career | Scope | Perfect Guidance

What After 10th? Career | Scope | Perfect Guidance

What After 10th? Career | Scope | Perfect Guidance

After 10th results are out, there is one common questions that strikes in every student's mind "what next after 10th"? Science, Commerce and Arts? This is a common confusion which most of the students face. Every field has a lot of career opportunities but choosing the right stream which students are interested should be the main concern.

Few students are very clear about what they want their life. But there are many students who are confused about their career path. Class 10th is the most important and confusing crossroad of your career. A right decision can help you success in your career. And if you make the wrong choice, you will have to face consequances for the rest of your life.

What After 10th? Career | Scope | Perfect Guidance

So how do you decide what to do after 10th?

Should you go for the standard science stream?

Should you go for commerce?

or Should you go for arts?

Science stream after 10th

After 10th You can have several subjects to choose from:

Physical Science Subjects - Physics, Chemistry

Biological Science Subject - Biology, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Food Science, Sports, Exercise And Health Science, etc.

Other Science Subject - Computer Science, Marine Science, Engineering Graphics, Electronics, Engineering Science, Environmental Science, Geometrical and Building Drawing, Design Technology, Home Science, Environmental Management, etc.

Social Science Subjects - Economics

If you want you can opt to keep a career-oriented subject like - Information Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Multimedia & Web Technology, Fashion Studies/Design, Media Studies, Travel & Turism, etc.

Commerce/Business stream after 10th

Commerce And Business subjects like - Accountancy, Business Studies, Commerce, Economics, Economic Geography, Secretarial Prcactice, Entreprenuership, etc.

Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science - Some boards let you keep a Science subject along with other commerce subject.

Arts stream after 10th

Arts and Humanities subjects like - Phychology, Economics, Geography, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Political Science, global Science, Social and Cultural Anthropology, etc.

Fine art and performing art subject like - Fine Art, Visual Art, Dance, Music, Film, Theatre, Carnatic Music, etc.

Subject on religion like - Hinduism,Divinity, Islamic study, etc.

list of Vocational Courses / Scope / career opportunities.

Vocational courses are courses that are usually aimed at equipping students with practicle skills for a specific profession or field.

Vocational courses are an educational discipline that enables individual to acquire skills that are required for a particular trade.

Vocational Courses are offered by various institutes, colleges, schools and governments aided institution

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There are some important Vocational Courses are :-

  1. Accountacncy & Taxation
  2. Banking & Insurance
  3. Beauty & Wellness
  4. Business Administration
  5. Civil Engineering Technician
  6. Computer Theory & System Analyst
  7. Construction Technology
  8. Database Management Application
  9. Design & Innovation
  10. Electrical Appiances
  11. Electrical Machine
  12. Exterior & Interior Design
  13. Finance Accounting 
  14. Financial Market Management
  15. Food & Beverages Services
  16. Food Production
  17. Front Office Operation
  18. Garment Construction
  19. Health & Beauty Studies
  20. Healthcare Science
  21. Hospitality Management
  22. Information Technology Insurance
  23. IT Application
  24. Library & Information Science
  25. Mass Media Studies And Production
  26. Medical Diagnostics
  27. Music Production
  28. Office Secretaryship
  29. Retail Operation
  30. Salesman Ship
  31. Security
  32. Texttile Design
  33. Transporst System & Logistics Management
  34. Travel & Turism
  35. Typography & Computer Application
  36. Web Application
  37. X-Ray Technician

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Diploma Courses/Degrees On Our Upcoming Next Article.

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