Dr vivek bindra premium youtube webinar 20 strategies

Dr vivek bindra premium youtube webinar 20 strategies

Dr. Vivek Bindra sir is an world largest motivational speaker and founder of BadaBusiness.com. Sir has taken premium live webinar at 27-jun-2020 on YouTube free of cost. But there is no any repeat telecast of this video and video has been removed by author. Dr. vivek Bindra discuss 20  wonderful business strategy so our LatestTak.com is providing you those knowledge in this article in a text form.


1) Principle of Pipeline

  • 1) Managing self. 
  • 2) Managing others.
  • 3) Function manager.
  • 4) Business manager.
  • 5) Group manager
  • 6) Enterprise manager.

2) Situational Leadership 

  • 1) Directing.
  • 2) Mentoring.
  • 3 Listening and Support
  • 4) Delegation

3) Scoreboard Strategy

People play differently when they have a scoreboard. The main purpose of a strategy scoreboard is to break a vision down into manageable work item. This starts by identifying what your priorities really are. priority is a an area of activity that will receive focus during any given strategic cycle. This could be either long-term and short-term.

4) Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin means Direction and Kanri means Execution

1) Being Effective 

2) Being Efficient

Many successful business man use this method

5) Issue based strategy

Find issues and make it achievement critical success factor. 9 out of 10 organisation fails during the execution. Make shortlist for an company or organisation issues and work for it for better performance.

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6) Fortune at bottom of pyramid

It means every single product and service should be provide to every single people even though there is no any resources and make them available and possible.

Creating buying  power sharping aspiration local soloution

7) Scenario Analysis

Scenario analysis is the process of analyzing future events by considering alternative possible outcomes. Thus scenario analysis, which is one of the main form projection, does not try to show on exact picture of the future. instead, it presents several alternatives future developments.

Make complete scenario (planning analysis)

8) McKinsey 7s Framework

This 7s Strategy must to implement into the organization according to Dr. Vivek Bindra sir. 

7s framework

  • Strategy - Hard
  • Structure - Hard
  • System - Hard
  • Shared value - Soft
  • Style - Soft
  • Staff - Soft
  • Skill - Soft

9) market barriers

This 3 barriers should be in the business

  • entry barriers 
  • exit barrier
  • switching barrier

10) mapping strategic risk

These risks should be decrease and demolish from business

Types of risks

  • Liability Risk
  • Design Risk
  • Competitive Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Marketing Risk
  • Project Risk 
  • Innovation Risk
  • Economic Risk
  • Infrastructure Risk
  • Health Risk
  • Exchange rate Risk

11) Strategy Traps

Many time Business strategy convert into strategy

  • Anchoring Trap
  • Status Quo Trap
  • Sunk Cost Trap
  • Confirming Evidence Trap
  • Framing Trap
  • Overconfidence Trap
  • Prudence Trap

12) competetive and collaborative trategy

According to Dr. Vivek Bindra dont make a competition get collaborate with them and use a win win strategy. If both business with compete each other both will be crash front of market and third party will get win.

13) business canvas

Find your business canvas according to these point sequence. 

  • Problem
  • Prospect
  • Product
  • Pricing & Positioning 
  • Process & performing 
  • Profit
  • Purpose

14) Repeatable Prototype

Make your business with these type of process repeatable prototype

  • Process Automation
  • Process Improvements
  • Process integration
  • Process orchestration

Golden statement: Team-Work Makes The Dream Work

15) Sustained Competitive Advantages

Sustainable competitive advantages are company assets, attributes, or ability that are difficult to duplicate or exceed and provide a superior or favorable long term position over competitors. 

16) Product Metrics

Product Metrics are data measurement that business use to evaluate the success of a product and determine how customers are engaging with it. Popular Metrics like churn rate and conversion rate inform product strategy and help various stakeholders in a company understand a product's.

17) Product Life Cycle

Product life cycle is the cycle through which every product goes through from introduction to withdrawal or eventual demise. These stages are. PLC analysis, if done properly, can alert a company as to the health of the product in relation to the market it serves. PLC also forces a continuous scan of the market and allows the company to take corrective action faster. But the process is rarely easy.

18) Pricing strategy

Pricing strategy is an art for every businessman because its very necessary to provide right product to customer in cheap rate. If this strategy starts then every consumer will consistent of this product and company.

19) Optimised scale

  • What customer wants?
  • How to build operational capability
  • How to reduce cost 
  • Impact on other product
  • Mass Customisation

20) Advantages of Advantages

Create your advantages in every single these points

  • Absolute Advantages
  • Cost Advantages
  • Economic Advantages
  • Information Advantages
  • Relative Advantages

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