Nepotism on Shushant Singh Rajput: Reasons he commited suiside

Nepotism on Shushant Singh Rajput: Reasons he commited suiside

Nepotism on Shushant Singh Rajput: Reasons he commited suiside

Shushant Singh Rajput was true and authentic actor. He was everything by his hard-work and passions. But Nepotism were keep away him from Bollywood because he wasn't belongs to star family and background. We are sharing this thoughts in starting of the article just because #justice-for-shushant-singh-rajput. Many Star-kid are being famous and popular just because them either father or mother by filmy career and this was advantage to become artist (actor) in initial state even nothing hard work, acting, body, personality they get achieved just because they are star-kids these Nepotism kept over sushant's. 

So how Nepotism will end, in short words Watch movies those actor who are at startup level who is doing hard work just for us and not as star-kid the. Just think If Star-kids movies on big screen will earn 100-200 crore rupees and a actor like shushant' as the true artists who earn 20-40 crore. We just wants to see Star-kid and enjoy the fun. If we don't see them movie on big screen slowly the nepotism can be end. You know what we do, "we watch a movie by download like on torrent and online of true actors." So eventually see the movies on big the screen and in theater for true and authentic artists like Shushant's and support those actor.     

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A native from Patna, Bihar, Shushant Singh Rajput did his higher education. From delhi he started his career from a television show named Pavitra Rishta which was a hit and made him a recognising face.

Then he debut in Bollywood with kai po che in 2013. Films like MS Dhoni-The untold story, Chhichhore, Kedarnath, Raabta, PK and many more that revealed that he was a talented and authentic artist and wonderful performer.
The sudden news of Bollywood actor Shushant Singh Rajput commited suicide on 14 June, all of the not only Bollywood but all Hindi film lovers are shocked. An ugly debate over nepotism start on social media platform. Most of the fans of Shushant Singh and within the film industry and out side of it have strongly criticised nepotism and have it been blaming it for Shushant's suicide.

In one of his interview Shushant Singh Rajput said "no one celebrity invites him to any Party and fuction. No one is gonna to be behave like family with me they think i came from small rural area. 

Unlikely many actor in Bollywood, Shushant Singh was not from to film family and not did he has any God father. He struggle on his own to make a was to top. And Shushant Singh was not one who kept on nepotism in the industry.

Shushant had very honestly admitted at an awards show a few years ago saying,"Nepotism is there, it's everywhere, not just in Bollywood. you can't do anything about it. Nepotism can co-exit and nothing would happen but at the same time, if you deliberately don't allow the right talent to come up. then there is problem.

According to many artists Shushant Shingh Rajput was removed by 9 bollywood film. The production was include an Yash Raj Films, Salman Khan Films, Balaji telefilms, Dharma production, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, T-series. Those was production who were banned to Shushant Singh to make films. Just before Shushant's one was film going to releasing in but no one producer made his film in theater. 

The movie named ram-Leela by Sanjay Leela Bhansali was offered to Shushant's but later on that film lead by rajveer singh as this happen same with "be fikre" movie. 
Unlikely Shushant says to his households like "i have returned everyone loan, and i dont think i will be able to pay of your all of's salaries and all."

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